The things that make me love a woman…

The man in this universe, without all that a woman is, is just that, a living creature with no more meaning than that, one more creature on earth. But the woman is what makes the difference, because it is with what God wanted to repair the imperfection that he had discovered in the humanity of man; that is why God said: it is not good for man to be alone … {none of the other creatures that were around the man, apparently it means some kind of company that could repair that form of loneliness that man felt] we will make help meet for him, {the Lord continued}. This suggests that the animal aid that this species could represent for man, was not up to the mental, psychological, affective and emotional need that would be in accordance with the nature of man. So, the woman would be for this, everything that in no other thing or nature man could find, and that would serve the purpose of nature for which man was created. All these, and more than a thousand reasons, are those that make me love and think of women, as the greatest and best thing that God could have thought and done for my perfection and for my benefits. By Derwell Fallu


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